Giant Panda is on the road to becoming an extinct animal in this world today. One of the most beautiful living creatures ever to live. It's impact on society would basically be losing its beauty. Also trying to save the pandas is costing plenty of money. Many giant panda conservation sites across the world are being established and that's costing money. Also the studies which take place on these giant panda sites cost plenty of money too. Experimenting with cloning and artificial insemination cost lots of money to conduct such a task. Almost millions of dollars are spent just to save a family of giant pandas. It is impacting our society by making it more difficult for the scientist trying to preserve the creature.

          Many laws state that studies on endangered species are not proper which make scientists who are  trying to preserve the giant panda much harder. They are conducting this by spending millions of dollars to create a living area for the giant pandas, bamboo for their diet, scientific studies to help increase their population, experimenting with live giant pandas, and performing artificial insemination and cloning. Artificial insemination is a difficult and long process. They conduct artificial insemination because it is very difficult to handle mating giant pandas.

          The idea of letting giant pandas become extinct is a very controversial topic to many people and many people believe it cost too much money to save a creature like the giant panda. Having the giant panda become extinct won't really have a great impact on the world today except having one less beautiful, living creature to walk this earth. It is impacting China also. Millions of dollars are being used just on giant panda preservation alone. Giant pandas becoming extinct would not impact the society in a great matter.

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